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Notable Past Projects

The following is an overview to some of the several projects completed by Jet-A, Inc. recently. While we have attempted to best outline the core accomplishments, and note the diverse nature of the projects, some of the project specifics such as customer names and locations are not disclosed to respect terms of Confidentiality Agreements between the Customer and Jet-A, Inc.

Fuel Training Programs

Jet-A, Inc. recently completed developing a comprehensive Aircraft Refueler Training Program for a customer entering the aircraft refueling market. The Program defined the Corporate Vision, Curriculum, Objectives, over Twenty (20) subject modules, classroom presentations encompassing over 1,200 PowerPoint slides, Train-the-Trainer guidelines, OJT guidelines and program,
Instructor and Class
On Site Instruction tests and quizzes that certify and validate Trainee competency. Training Program Modules included core subject matter such as Ramp.

Safety Techniques, HSSE requirements, Equipment Inspection Training in accordance with ATA 103, Fuel Component Identification and Operation, HAZWOPER and Fire Extinguisher in accordance with FAR Part 139.321. Additionally, vehicle operation and certification was included to ensure trainees could be assessed that they demonstrated competency properly operating various types of aircraft refueling assets.

The Aircraft Refueling Agent Training Program also defined key and essential training milestones to give management a Non-Subjective means to validate the Trainees retention of knowledge, as well as retraining criteria, and Pass-Fail recommendations for each subject module.

Jet-A, Inc. can build skill development programs specifically tailored to educate and increase the knowledge and proficiency for the:

  • Aircraft Refueling Agent
  • Refueling Equipment Technician/GSE Mechanic
  • Jet Fuel Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Aviation Fuel Accounting Clerk

Contact Jet-A Inc. today for more information how Jet-A Fuel Training Programs can increase your employees knowledge and enhance your organizations performance.

Fuel Consortia Projects and Services

Major Airlines and Airline Fuel Consortia alike have trusted Jet-A, Inc. to perform detailed 3rd Party analysis of various facets of their respective consortia operations.

Project #1 - Jet-A analyzed the Inventory Management and Fuel Accounting, practices employed by the Operator of the airport fuel consortium and the respective aircraft refueling agents at a large US Airport.

Fuel Pumps

After observing current processes, Jet-A made cost effective recommendations to fuel committee that included utilizing a combination of hand-held computers, data entry kiosks and building interfaces to Airline fuel accounting systems that would eliminate manual data entry requirement.

Jet-A’s detailed analysis has expedited daily close out activity, and improved fuel accounting accuracy and reporting.

Project #2 - Jet-A, Inc. was contracted to perform a comprehensive assessment and financial plan for an Intoplane refueling operation for a 300 flight per day Airline Intoplane consortium.

Fueling Aircraft Jet-A analyzed and charted the flight activity based on Airline-provided schedules and validated with a live OAG feed. Additionally, the entire airport’s gate utilization was tracked for seven days to quantify exact number of aircraft turns at each gate and respective terminal. This was accomplished to assess the viability and optimum quantity, and type of refueling assets needed to meet aircraft departure requirements. In addition to the equipment requirement, staffing compliments were defined as well as all direct, indirect expenses were built on a zero-based cost estimate basis and in accordance with the ATA Standard Budget Format. The entire location operating costs were then applied to eight (8) different cost-sharing models to ascertain the unit cost (per gallon rate), and overall cost per airline per month over a three (3) year period was projected. Based on the Analysis performed by Jet-A, Inc., the Airline Consortium has an accurate benchmark for their respective IntoPlane refueling cost in the event a refueling vendor change is elected.

Based on the Analysis performed by Jet-A, Inc., the Airline Consortium has an accurate benchmark for their respective IntoPlane refueling cost in the event a refueling vendor change is elected.

Project #3 - After incurring extremely high maintenance expenditures, and vague projections on future costs from their current Operator, a major Airline reached out to Jet-A to analyze the Airline’s fleet of over 120 diversified refueling assets and recommend how to best meet future requirements.

Fueling Vehicle Jet-A proceeded to inspect each asset noting the overall condition and witnessing its operating performance. In addition, an audit of asset inspection and recordkeeping processes were reviewed for compliance to ATA 103 and NFPA 407. Last, an extensive review of the Operator’s GSE maintenance resources practices was performed to assess if technical resources were being efficiently utilized.

Jet-A reported key observations on all these factors which greatly influence asset condition and cost of ownership. Subsequent recommended action by the Airline and Operator has improved performance and reduced cost.

Contact Jet-A Inc. today for more information how our expertise can improve effectiveness of your Airline Fuel Consortium fuel facility M&O, Aircraft Refueling, or Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Maintenance Operations.

Airport Fuel System Master Planning

Jet-A, Inc. was contracted to assist with the Long Term Fuel System Master Planning and perform a detailed Supply Chain Risk Assessment for a major US Hub Airport.  

Jet-A performed a thorough supply chain risk assessment encompassing both upstream assets, and on airport, meeting with several Pipeline Companies to review their operations, reviewed current infrastructure, age, pump and storage capacity, pipeline capacity, location, future fuel volume demand models, aircraft movement analysis, and Operator compliance to Air Transport Association Operations and Maintenance Guidance Manual.  Reviewed Operator compliance to SPCC and Facility Response Plans. Collaborated with the contracted Engineer on the optimum storage tank capacity, pipeline sizes, on airport and off airport tanker truck loading and unloading provisions, hydrant system isolation criteria, Emergency Fuel Shutoff (EFSO) operation.  Facility Security, Crisis Management, Leak Detection and Cathodic Protection provisions were also reviewed for compliance to US DOT and FAA requirements.



Observations, recommendations and conclusions by Jet-A, Inc. were conveyed in meetings with the Customers and final reports prepared and made to City and Airport officials. Work on the new fuel system commenced in 2015.

Contact Jet-A, Inc. for more information how our hands-on operational experience can help define the future requirements of your fuel storage facility.

Aircraft Fueling Market Analysis

Our extensive and uniquely diverse experience has enabled Jet-A, Inc. to perform market analysis for various segments of the aircraft refueling industry. 

Project 1, Product Assessment – Jet-A was contracted to assess the aviation product line of a major provider of fuel measurement, SCADA systems, and storage tank management technology. 

Jet-A did a complete assessment of the customer’s product line and noted several areas that could improve the product and enhance the end-user experience.

The recommendations made by Jet-A have had a tangible impact on growth with the customer recognizing Tank Farm Control System Growth by 100%, and Accounting System Enterprise Subscription growth of 29% since 2015.



Project 2 Continuous Improvement Processes – Jet-A performed a review of the core processes employed by an equipment manufacturer in an effort to improve product reliability and customer satisfaction.  

Jet-A met with the leadership team to learn the Company core values, objectives, key roles and responsibilities, culture and mission statement. Jet-A then inspected the assembly processes, analyzed internal communication and design processes, reviewed product testing and certification procedures as well as defect reporting and analysis to gain an appreciation of the Company function.  

Recommendations made by Jet-A were conveyed to, and subsequently implemented by the Company leadership team that has contributed to improved product reliability, enhanced marketplace reputation and new sales opportunities.

Project 3 New Product Profile – Jet-A was hired to perform market research quantifying the amount of aircraft refueling assets deployed throughout the United States and use of various types of aviation fuel additives.

Jet-A analyzed the activity of Airline Fuel Service Companies, Fixed Base Operators, Fuel Suppliers, Airlines, and Equipment Manufacturers to quantify the amount and type of assets currently in use as well as projected number of new assets entering the market each year.  Jet-A also studied the type of fuel additives used and where they were likely to be utilized in the fuel supply chain. 


Based on the analysis provided by Jet-A, Inc., the Customer was able to attain an accurate assessment for potential sales of a new type of product that is utilized in the aircraft refueling market, and attain capital financing to manufacture and bring the product into the marketplace.  

Contact Jet-A, Inc. for more information how our hands-on operational experience can help your Company with Aircraft Fueling Market Analysis and Due Diligences Services.

Aviation Fuel Expert Witness

Jet-A, Inc. was hired by Law Firm to investigate allegations of poor fuel handling practices employed by a large aviation fuel service company.

Employing the vast technical knowledge and operational expertise, Jet-A did an extensive analysis of company facility inspection and fuel quality assurance records, first-hand site inspection, and conducted on-site interviews with employees to gauge the likelihood of allegations being levied against the Company.  After an extensive review of all factors, Jet-A, Inc. determined allegations were unfounded and subsequently prepared a defense strategy with respective supporting findings for the Company and Legal Defense team.

The efforts of Jet A, Inc. enabled the Company to successful defending the unfounded allegations and maintain their credibility with the their customers and underscored the Company reputation as a leader of aviation fuel management services.


Airport Fuel Supply-Chain Assessment

With the US pipeline network operating at full capacity, Airlines are being challenged to ensure their inventory requirements can be met without

Jet-A, Inc. has been providing ongoing support performing comprehensive and in depth analysis of the aviation fuel supply chain to gauge the viability of alternative means of delivery to major hub airports and outlying regional airports.



Jet-A uses its vast experience to identify potential risks to delivery systems including threats to maintaining fuel quality, transportation challenges and issues that can influence cycle time to validate the viability of the delivery systems. Jet-A also develops operational procedures to ensure inventory management, fuel accounting, system maintenance and fuel quality assurance processes are safeguarded. 

Providing Airlines and Suppliers with additional means of delivering fuel to airports equates to greater supply availability and reliability, thereby reducing fuel cost.


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