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Below are some of our satified customers and the services rendered to each from Jet-A, Inc.

Airlines – Having negotiated approximately $500,000,000 of Into-plane and M&O Contracts since 1997, Jet-A, Inc.™ is uniquely qualified to augment the responsibilities of Airline Fuel Departments and assist administering the myriad contracts that are present throughout the Airport fuel supply chain.

  • Fuel Supply Assessments
  • Into-plane Contracts,
  • Fuel Facility Maintenance and Operational (M&O) Contracts
  • Interline Agreements, Fuel Facility Access and User Agreements
  • Supply Market Research, Inspection and Audit services

Jet-A, Inc.™ can provide tangible benefits to any Airline Fuel Department and is available to provide our services at any existing and new gateway.

Architectural and Engineering Firms – Jet-A, Inc.™ delivers extensive operational expertise and knowledge, gained from experiences operating and managing 17 of North America’s busiest, most complex Jet Fuel Tank Farms.

  • Contractor Oversight and Operational Guidance
  • Pipeline and Facility Activation Planning
  • Site and Project Specific Fuel quality testing programs
  • Engineering and Planning Guidance to enhance Operational Efficiency

Jet-A, Inc.™ is uniquely qualified to assist A&E firms and General Contractors develop and implement effective start up, fuel quality testing and system activation plans that ensure facility cleanliness is achieved and owners have built a cost effective and functional aviation fuel system for the future.

Aviation Fuel Service Companies & FBO's – Jet-A, Inc.™ has extensive experience building into-plane fueling operations and tank farm operations of varying sizes and complexities. We can assess any opportunity and lend our expertise in critical areas such as -

  • Staffing and Resource Productivity models;
  • Tank Farm Operations Procedures;
  • Aviation Fuel Inventory Management Programs;
  • Staff Training and Skill Development Programs;
  • Equipment inspection and maintenance programs;
  • Jet fuel Quality Assurance procedures;
  • Risk Management assessment;
  • Audit Program Development;
  • GSE fueling and inventory solutions;
  • Compliance to ATA, IFQP, JIG, and ICAO Manual 9977

Jet-A, Inc.™ has created and implemented numerous policy and procedural manuals that has resulted in safer more efficient methods of managing and operating aviation fuel facilities and delivering into-plane fueling operations.

Airport Authority - Jet-A, Inc.™ is keenly aware of the logistical and fuel infrastructure challenges that face Airport’s to accommodate the fuel service needs of the Air Carriers serving an Airport.  Our in depth and hands-on knowledge of Airport fuel matters include-

  • Aviation Fuel storage facility requirements,
  • Hydrant and pipeline delivery systems,
  • Tanker truck refueling facilities,
  • Real Property requirements, land lease and substructure right of way requirements
  • Procedural requirements, i.e Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC),
  • Emergency Response and Crisis Management planning,
  • Procedures to improve ramp safety and reduce GSE congestion,
  • Eco Friendly and emission reduction solutions

Governmental and Regulatory Agencies – Since 1989, Jet-A, Inc.™ has been intimately involved helping shape policy and guidelines that involve facets of the aviation fuel industry. Among the groups we have worked with include:

  • United States Internal Revenue Service
  • State of California Board of Equalization
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • Technical Fuel Group
  • Airlines for America (A4A)

Jet-A, Inc.™ has contributed extensively with these Agencies when fuel handling procedures are being developed, modified, or refined to maintain pace with best practices and to remain ahead of the evolving needs of the global aviation industry.

Oil Companies, Pipeline and Terminalling Companies, Fuel Suppliers, Brokers, and Traders - Jet-A, Inc.™ is intimately knowledgeable of all facets of the aviation fuel supply process, modes of transportation, and how to maximize delivery volumes while simultaneously safeguarding product integrity from upstream of the Airport through into the wing of the aircraft. 

  • Transportation and Supply Analysis to prevent unforeseen bottlenecks and shutdowns
  • Supply and Logistics Optimization
  • Operational and Third-party Audits
  • Market Analysis

Component Manufacturers - Jet-A, Inc.™ can assist in the conceptual development and implementation of new concepts and technologies to enhance operational effectiveness upon deployment.

  • Automated dispatching and data capture solutions
  • SCADA System specifications
  • Fuel Equipment Design and Specification

Jet-A, Inc.™ can assist evaluate new concepts and products, perform market research, assist with product implementation and provide project management as well.

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