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Aviation Fuel Management

Augment the heavy demand on your airline fuel department with an experienced resource with proven expertise. We offer a wide array of services covering all aspects of aviation fuel management, including technical services, process management and strategic planning.

Aviation Fuel Management

Contract Administration

Optimize your supply chain with our contract administration services. With approximately $500,000,000 of into-plane and M&O contracts negotiated and administered since 1997, Jet-A, Inc.™ is uniquely qualified to augment the responsibilities of your airline fuel department. We can manage all aspects of the process, including:

  • Strategic Sourcing and Tendering
  • Negotiation of Service Contracts
  • Compliance Validation and Review
  • Existing and New Market Analysis

Research and Audits

Ensure your fuel supply chains are safe, efficient and fully optimized. Jet-A, Inc.™ provides full-spectrum research, facility inspection, quality and process audit services in accordance with ATA 103, ICAO 9977, IFQP, JIG and EI (API) Standards.

Strategic Planning

Develop a comprehensive and robust fuel strategy. Jet-A, Inc.™ can help you with a wide variety of strategy issues, such as:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Efficiency Analysis and Core Process Assessments
  • Risk Management and Mapping
  • Contingency Planning and Crisis Management Preparation

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