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Jet-A, Inc. are the exclusive representatives in the United States and Canada for Atmos, International Ltd. Aviation and Military markets. Atmos International manufacturer state-or-the-art, and precision pipeline leak detection technology.

Atmos leak detection solutions are relied upon for their accuracy by operators of petroleum pipelines worldwide. Atmos took their proven technology and developed the Atmos Portable Tightness Monitor (APTM) to provide operators of airport hydrant systems with an accurate portable.

Atmos Tightness Monitor is a statistical tightness monitoring system used to test for leaks in airport hydrants. It uses sequential probability ratio test (SPRT) to detect changes in the overall pressure.

SPRT analyzes the pressure variation over a high pressure and then a lower pressure to confirm the tightness of a test section. The system does not require temperature sensors for leak confirmation. Wave Gen acquisition units provide leak location.

Atmos Tightness Monitor

Benefits of the APTM Include:

  • Accurate, meets US EPA thresholds outlined in 40 CFR 280.
  • Portable, easy to deploy and perform tests.
  • Can be handled by 1 person and placed in the front seat of the operations vehicle.
  • Can be easily moved to test isolated pipe segments that fixed systems cannot.
  • Requires no special resources or driver training to transport.
  • Can be connected directly to a hydrant pit, low point drain, or high point vent.
  • Test can be monitored or performed by a remote Atmos Engineer.
  • Exceptional Factory Support by Atmos Inc.
Atmos Tightness Monitor in UseAtmos Tightness Monitor Top

Typical APTM Testing Configuration

Atmos Portable Tightness Monitor Working

Why Use an Atmos System?

The Atmos Portable Tightness Monitor (APTM) was independently tested at Kansas City International Airport (MCI) by Ken Wilcox Associates in 2016 using the USA Environmental Protection Agency's required procedures. In all cases, the minimum detectable leak threshold of 0.04 litre/hour/cubic meter threshold was achieved.

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Atmos technology has been in operation in the New Bangkok International Airport since 2006 and in Sydney International Airport since 2010. In both cases the system was extensively tested during real leak trials. Atmos also recently deployed a system at Reykjavik International Airport in Iceland (KEF).

Atmos Portable Tightness Monitor Testing

International Air Transport Association’s Strategic Partnerships Program

Atmos International is a member of the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Strategic Partnerships Program for the past two years. This partnership ensures that Atmos remains constantly abreast of the needs of the aviation industry and continues to develop solutions in line with the market needs and Best Practices.

Compliant with EI 1540, EI 1560, JIG2, and JIG4.

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