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Relevant Airline Fuel Consortia Experience

The following information specifies the extensive and diverse Airline Fuel Consortia experience of Jet-A, Inc. (Jet-A), and Managing Director, Mr. Andrew Grant.

Jet-A will bring a wealth of knowledge and hand-on experience to any Airline Fuel Consortia.  Of particular interest is the past experience working through challenges when a consolidated into-plane and fuel storage facility contract is segregated. All too often, an Operator in this environment can get complacent managing resources and controlling cost. Expenditures can be opaque determining the necessity and placement in a financial budget. Jet-A, Inc. has experience working through these type of challenges to attain transparency in resource requirements and subsequent costs for Airline Customers. 

Airline Fuel

Areas of Consortium expertise include:

  • Inventory Management Practices
  • Supply Chain and Operational Risk Assessments
  • Equipment Fitness Assessments
  • Fuel System Master Planning
  • Operator, Maintenance, Inventory Training Programs
  • Fuel Quality Assurance Plan development
  • Inspection and Maintenance
  • Third-Party Inspection and Audit
  • ATA 103 and NFPA Compliance
  • Operator Start up and Transition Plans
Fuel Tanks

The extensive hands-on experience of Jet-A, Inc. will benefit and bring value to Consortia Members.  Past locations served include:

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), LAXFUEL

Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Chicago Midway Airport (MDW)

Honolulu International Airport (HNL)

Detroit Wayne County International Airport

Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT)

Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport (MSP)

Ontario International Airport (ONT)

Houston Hobby Airport (HOU)

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

Atlanta E Concourse Fuel Facility Corporation, (ATL), ATLECON

Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI)

Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)

A.E. Won Pat International Airport, Guam US Territory (GUM)

Vancouver International Airport Canada, (YVR), VAFFC

Billy Mitchell Milwaukee International Airport (MKE)

Other Fuel Facility Consulting Projects

Airline Fuel Pipes

Location:  Los Angeles, CA (LAX)

Fuel Committee/Consortium:  LAXFUEL

Date/s: 1986-1994

Position: Facility Manager

Relevant Experience:              

Responsible for all Operations, Maintenance, and Quality Assurance activity for all ground-based fuel systems at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for the LAXFUEL Airline Fuel Consortium.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Joined organization when LAXFUEL acquired 3rd Oil company-owned terminals. Subsequently devised, and coordinated integration and operation of eight (8) segregated oil company-owned fuel storage facilities into a single consolidated airport fueling system delivering over 1,100,000,000 gallons of Bonded and Domestic Jet-A annually for over 60 Member and Itinerant Airlines.

  • Developed and managed multi-million dollar annual operations budget, made appropriate capital expenditure recommendations for airline approval.  

  • Directed and managed a staff of 40 operational agents, mechanics, quality assurance technicians, front line supervision and operational management. 

  • Developed Inventory Management programs including fuel scheduling, tank management, meter proving, and accounting processes maximizing accuracy for all fueling transactions for approximately 60 Airlines, 20 Fuel Suppliers, 4 delivery pipelines, and 3 off-airport jet fuel storage terminals. 

  • Managed and administered all location Health Safety Security and Environmental (HSSE) and Risk Management programs;

Los Angeles, CA

Fuel Pipes Los Angeles, CA

Other LAXFUEL Initiatives:        

  • Provided key operational input and design recommendations for a $100,000,000 facility integration project that streamlined operational efficiency and reduced long term costs.

  • Devised and Coordinated several pipeline integration and hydrant flushing projects that required fuel velocities over 20,000 gallons per minute (GMP velocity) and over 2,000,000 in required flushing volume.

  • Awarded Best Safety “A” Station for best safety performance among ASIG’s large locations with over 75,000 man hours worked per year. 

Location: Chicago O’Hare (ORD)

Fuel Committee/Consortium:  ORD Fuel Committee

Date/s: 1996-2003

Position: Director, Fuel Services, Airport Group International (AGI)

Relevant Experience: Corporate guidance responsible for location operating performance and customer satisfaction.

Key Accomplishments: 

  • Developed a revised and more efficient operating structure and corresponding five year financial forecast resulting from a location restructuring program in 1997.  Various Initiatives resulted in higher employee productivity, lower customer cost and greater customer satisfaction.

  • Implemented new Inventory Management and Accounting System replacing an antiquated DOS-based system with new Windows-based fuel accounting software.

  • Developed and implemented a fuel storage tank overfill protection program that increased safety and reduced risk of fuel spills.

Other ORD Initiatives:  

  • AGI ORD Fuel operation was recognized by American Airlines in their Supplier Excellence 2000 program for quality and efficiency. 

  • Changed management criteria to improve caliber of leadership and increase customer satisfaction.
Chicago O’Hare (ORD)

Location: Chicago Midway Airport (MDW)

Fuel Committee/Consortium:  MATCO  

Date/s: 2001

Position: Director, Fuel Services, Airport Group International (AGI)

Relevant Experience: Corporate guidance responsible for location operating performance and customer satisfaction.

Key Accomplishments: 

  • Developed staffing plan and projected operational expenses in accordance with ATA Standard Budget Format for the newly constructed fuel facilities at Chicago Midway Airport MDW. Subsequently awarded contract for the M&O.

  • Developed and implemented inventory management program that included fuel scheduling, tank management, fuel accounting and meter close out procedures coordinating with the existing FBO’s to ensure fuel accountability was maintained.

  • Installed a Windows-based fuel accounting software that simplified and enhanced inventory management activity.

Other MDW Initatives:

  • Discovered errors in a manufacturer-calculated tank strapping chart that rectified measurement and inventory anomalies.

  • Worked with Kinder-Morgan and Sanders Pipeline Co. on fuel scheduling procedures to enhance inventory management procedures and ensure sufficient product supply at MDW.

  • Staffing and Operations plan developed for the 2001 start-up remains in place and is effective at the present time.

Location: Vancouver, Canada (YVR)                

Fuel Committee/Consortium:  Vancouver Airport Fuel Facility Corp. (VAFFC)

Date/s:2005 - 2013

Position: Vice President, Servisair Fuel Services

Relevant Experience: Corporate guidance responsible for location operating performance and customer satisfaction.    

Key Accomplishments:                                   

  • Structured GlobeGround Fuel Services (GGFS) Consortium Operation after the separation of the respective YVR Into-plane and Fuel Facility M&O operations.

  • Developed, implemented and administered all Fuel System Access Agreements, negotiated revised operator M&O contract, and all Non-contracting User Agreements with all 3rd Parties interested in using the VAFFC System.

  • Created operating, maintenance and staffing plan for new storage facility built in 2012 to accommodate the Fraser River project. 

  • Developed and submit annual operating budget and capital plan to VAFFC administrator annually.

Other YVR Initiatives:

  • Implemented NET into wing measurement by installing electronic digital register heads and thermal probes on 30 fueling assets increasing YVR fuel accountability.

  • Implemented fuel ticket data entry system that expedited fuel accounting processes and accuracy.

Valves& Pipes Fuel Tanks& Pipes


Fuel Committee/Consortium:  ATLECON, HFFC, MSP Fuel, & Others

Date/s: 1996 - 2013                              

Position: Director, Fuel Services - Airport Group International; Vice President, Servisair Fuel Services

Relevant Experience: Corporate guidance and assistance

Key Accomplishments:           

  • In 2011, restructured Servisair Fuel Services MSP Consortium operation after the separation of the Delta MSP Into-plane, and Fuel Facility M&O contracts.

  • Started up new fuel facility M&O Operations at ATL (City Fuel System) in 1998, Baltimore BWI for US Air & Delta in 1999, Detroit DTW in 2004 and San Francisco (Shell Terminal) in 2005. All required a staffing analysis prior to start up and subsequent financial forecasting and capital expenditure planning in accordance with ATA Standard Budget Format.

  • Develop, and steer numerous fuel facility staff recruitment, Business & Operations Plans, and operational start-ups.

  • Installed new tank management and SCADA system in ATL City system resulting in improved safety and fuel accountability.

  • Assisted AGI leadership team with the development and implementation of the HFFC Crisis Response and Management Plan working in tandem with US EPA, Coast Guard and State of Hawaii.

  • Responsible for reviewing, editing and approving locations annual M&O budgets in accordance with ATA Standard Budget Format (SBF) for review and approval by respective fuel committees and consortiums, and internal budgeting and forecasting purposes. 

Other Fuel Consortium and Industry Initiatives

  • Consulted to the State of California Fire Marshall’s Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Assessment.

  • Served on ATA 103 Revision Committee.  

  • Participated on IATA Technical Fuel Group that authored ICAO 9977 Manual on Civil Aviation Jet Fuel Supply.  

  • Assisted Airlines for America (A4A) to review and recommend new and proposed standards such as:

  • ATA Specification 103;

  • ATA Specification 123; 

  • ATA Airport Fuel Facility Operation and Maintenance Guidance Manual;

  • ATA Manual for Fuel Committee Formation. 

  • Formed and led a working group of established industry experts to educate the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on Airport Fuel Facility Operations and Accounting practices to develop equitable reporting requirements for aviation fuel storage facility operators.  Results led to the ExSTARS Form 720-TO reporting requirements.

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